You cant ignore UX Discovery Phase

Great product needs to solve a problem and satisfy the users need. Most product fails or don’t do well purely because there was no need of that product for the intended audience, the product was made. A lot of time, resource and money is invested to create a product and it is disappointing if the product doesn’t fares well as intended.

UX Discovery phase helps us to minimize the risk of our product not doing well in the market. UX Discovery phase is the early stage of UX cycle and is also known as research phase. It is during this phase, when you get a clear understanding of the product’s business goals, your users and the problems you intend to solve for them. Below are few points that will help you do good with UX discovery phase.

  1. Never ignore the UX Discovery Phase.
    You have to plan well and dedicate a decent amount of time for UX discovery phase. If planned right, this phase can help you reduce the timelines of your project with exceptional results. Simply plan what sort of research methods you would do during this phase and block your calendars.

Once you have researched, you should synthesize the information to find deeper analysis on the product you are creating. With this, you can confidently identify real problems of the users and develop a product that solves this problems and delivers a better experience.

Discovery phase helps us to set the right tone and direction of our product and should be a part of every UX process.



UX | Frontend Designer & Developer.

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